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Man allegedly stole same Ferrari twice

FONTANA, Calif. - Authorities have arrested a Southern California man they say stole a Ferrari -- the same one -- twice.

The Riverside Press-Enterprise says Earnie Hooks of Los Angeles was arrested last week behind the wheel of the $250,000 car. Court records say he's pleaded not guilty to car theft and resisting police.

Police in Fontana, 50 miles east of Los Angeles, say they stopped the 39-year-old Hooks at a drunk-driving checkpoint the previous week on Aug. 29 and discovered that the black 2014 Ferrari 458 Spider he was driving had been reported stolen.

Police claim Hooks drove away from the checkpoint and later abandoned the car, which was impounded.

But around 3 a.m. the next morning, someone stole it from the impound lot.

Hooks' second arrest came five days later while driving the Ferrari in his Studio City neighborhood. CBS Los Angeles reports he is being held on $55,000 bail.