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Man Accused of Pantyhose Prank Calls

Pa. Man Allegedly Obsessed with Pantyhose Makes Hundreds of Prank Phone Calls, Charged with Harassment
Rip Alan Swartz AP Photo/Upper Allen Police Department

(CBS/AP) Police say a central Pennsylvania man with an apparent fetish for nylon - yes, the fabric - sometimes made more than 400 random phone calls in a single day, in an attempt to get women to engage in sexually explicit conversations about pantyhose.

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Which leads us to wonder...who has that kind of time?

Upper Allen Township police say 43-year-old Rip Alan Swartz turned himself in Tuesday to face harassment charges. He's facing charges in two counties.

Investigators say he placed calls to businesses across the country over the last five years and would try to get female employees to talk to him, sometimes calling repeatedly.

While he's out on bail, Swartz is reportedly barred from visiting Hooters - where employees are known to wear nylons, but not necessarily much else - as well as other restaurants and a bank.

Btw, is it odd to you that an alleged nylon fetishist is named Rip?

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