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Casket of 4-year-old Maleah Davis decorated with "My Little Pony" for upcoming funeral

Search for missing girl ends on roadside
Search for missing girl ends on roadside 01:17

Over a month after 4-year-old Maleah Davis was reported missing, her loved ones are doing the unthinkable -- putting her body to rest. The Texas girl's private funeral service will be held this Saturday and while the alleged horrific crime may have drawn the most attention, her lovingly decorated casket reminds the world who is at the heart of this tragic story: A little girl.

"She touched the lives of many; our shining, beautiful little girl, the light of our lives and the star of our hearts who leaves us smiling through our tears," reads her obituary on Richardson Mortuary's website. "She was happiness personified."

The obituary listed her favorite color as pink and said, "she loved My Little Pony, all the girly things one could imagine." Her casket for the service Saturday mirrors some of the things she loved in life.

In images obtained by CBS News, her casket is covered by artwork from "My Little Pony." The top shows a smiling Davis riding character the Rainbow Dash among billowing clouds. She appears to be soaring toward a huge rainbow.

The casket is decorated in a "My Little Pony" theme. "Trey Ganem's SoulShine Industries"

The sides of the casket are covered with other cartoon ponies from the show as well as rainbows. Her name, "Maleah Lynn Davis," is displayed in bright colors. The inside is upholstered with rainbow blankets, with a bright light and images of the beloved children's show on the top. 

The casket was created and donated by Texas-based company "Trey Ganem's SoulShine Industries," the company confirmed to CBS News. 

Maleah's biological father, Craig Davis, posted an image of the casket on Instagram, with multiple pink emoji hearts.

The case first garnered national attention in early May. Derion Vence, the ex-fiance of Maleah's mother, initially claimed he, Maleah and his 2-year-old son were abducted on May 4 by a group of men in a truck. He claimed he and his son were freed the next day but he alleged kidnappers kept Maleah and his silver Nissan Altima. 

Police said Vence's story kept changing and didn't add up. He was arrested in connection with Maleah's disappearance and eventually told a community activist he had disposed of her body in Arkansas.

Her remains were found in a garbage bag near a freeway outside the town of Hope, Arkansas, which is located about 30 miles northeast of the Texas-Arkansas border, according to the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences. The institute of forensic sciences said the cause and manner of her death are not yet determined.

The little girl, "loved My Little Pony, all the girly things one could imagine," according to her obituary.  "Trey Ganem's SoulShine Industries" 
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