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Mobile apps that give you a quick way to make a buck

Apps that pay 01:15

Many users turn to apps for their latest news or to be entertained. Now, an increasingly number are using them to make a little cash.

Some take a few minutes each week to fill out surveys while others like Augusto Matias use their phones to send snapshots of store displays to manufacturers who want to see how their products are presented on the shelf.

"I'll check the phone, knock em out," Matias said of the one-time job he got through the employment app Gigwalk, which he can do while he and his wife are at the mall in Brooklyn. "While she's spending money, I'm earning money."

Victoria Jones uses the app Surveys On The Go to make about $5 a week.

"You get paid to do different surveys. It could be about radio, TV, products," she told CBS News reporter Alison Harmelin. "I did a movie one where it asked how many movies you've been (to) in the last year."

Users can make money for everything from being a mystery shopper to watching certain videos. Many of these apps will pay extra if you are willing to share your location. Some also ask you specific questions when you are in a certain restaurants or stores.

Surveys On The Go CEO Chris St. Hilaire said he is seeing more corporations willing to pay for this type of research, which is helping his, and other apps grow in popularity.

"We average between 1 and 2,000 new downloads a day," he said. "Those are people who create accounts."

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