Maine Lawmakers Salute Zoe

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A second member of theSurvivor: Marquesas cast has been honored while the competition for the $1 million prize continues

On Wednesday, Maine lawmakers saluted lobsterwoman Zoe Zanidakis of Monhegan Island with applause and brief speeches.

Earlier this month, crime reporter Tammy Leitner, another Survivor contestant, was honored with a journalism award in Arizona.

A special sentiment approved by the Maine House and Senate said Zanidakis is a good contestant for the TV series "because of the real-life challenges of living and working on Monhegan" as a commercial fisherman and charter boat captain.

"She was an extraordinary contestant and represented Maine well," said the sentiment.

Zanidakis is one of 16 competitors in the current edition of Survivor and is among the eight still remaining in the game. In the show, which was taped on a remote island earlier this year, one contestant is eliminated every week. The final winner will be revealed in a live finale next month in New York.

Zanidakis is featured on the "Lobstering Women of Maine" calendar, and also has her own calendar now called "A Year In The Life of Zoe."