Magician totally "loses his head" from the Halloween excitement

(CBS News) It's the Friday before Halloween weekend and I'm simply going crazy with excitement! I just hope I don't get so caught up in the spirit of things that I accidentally - wait for it - lose my head (ba-dump-bump). Alright, alright, just watch the video above to find out what's so "punny".

The crazy Halloween prank was performed and posted by magician Rich Ferguson who writes:

My favorite scare, prank, trick! Magician Rich Ferguson doing a Halloween head drop trick on the streets of his home town San Luis Obispo. During the day, this is a great illusion, but during night and in a more vulnerable setting, this freaks people out BIG TIME! Having way too much fun this season with pranks and street magic! Watch out, we are coming for you;)

A totally brilliant and scary illusion, that I'm personally going to try to pull off next year! For any who might be interested in what I'm doing this year, I practice what I preach, and will be using a slick bit of technology by Mark Rober that I wrote about a few weeks ago here on The Feed. And to check out more magic from magician Rich Ferguson, you can visit his YouTube page by clicking here.