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Lytro camera photos are mesmerizing, give it a try

The Lytro camera is an amazing piece of technology. It produces photos that can be manipulated in ways we never thought were possible before.

Early impressions of the camera are in and they are all claiming The Lytro will change photography forever.

In an interview given to Digital Trends, Lytro beta tester Jason Bradley said, "I truly believe this technology will take over the industry."

"Well, the future of camera has arrived and it's only $399. Seriously, this changes everything," tweeted photographer @davidbean.

Lytro Inc. is a Mountain View, Calif.-based company founded by Dr. Ren Ng, whose award-winning dissertation lays the groundwork for company's core technology.

Think The Lytro is a game changer? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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