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Lucky catch of the day (and a fun moment between brothers)

(CBS) - Those of you who have siblings are likely to smile at this very cute video of a guy offering his little brother a fun opportunity to make some spending money. Let's just say things do not go according to plan...

Now that is one very lucky (and profitable) catch there! The endearing video was posted to YouTube by user danamal55 who writes:

My little brother and I were counting my cash one day so I decided to let him have a little fun. I told him that he can keep whatever money he catches... He caught $57 of MY hard earned cash. Shoulda thought this one through more.

I'd say $57 isn't too bad a price to pay for a video that will no doubt bring smiles for a lifetime.  And a little Internet fame now is a pretty sweet cherry on top, too. Thanks so much for sharing, danamal55!
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