Love at first fight? Kit Harington on meeting his wife on the "Game of Thrones" set

Kit Harington fondly recalls a "Game of Thrones" scene in which actress Rose Leslie "shoots three arrows into me." Harington and Leslie married in 2018

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Anderson Cooper speaks with Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow on "Game of Thrones." Below is a transcript.

Anderson Cooper: You met the woman who is now your wife on this show?

Kit Harington: Yeah, I did. I did.

Anderson Cooper: I-- I-- I-- if my memory serves me correctly, the first on-camera scene where you're together, you're trying to kill her, aren't you? Fighting her--

Kit Harington: Yeah--

Anderson Cooper: --with a sword?

Kit Harington: --I try and decapitate her.

Anderson Cooper: You try to decapitate her?

Kit Harington: Yeah, yeah--

Anderson Cooper: Yeah.

Kit Harington: And I can't do it. And I intentionally miss.

Anderson Cooper: So, that was the first scene on camera together?

Kit Harington: Yeah that was-- and that was our-- our first scene we filmed together--

Anderson Cooper: Was it-- was it, like, love at first fight? (LAUGHTER)

Kit Harington: That's a good lead-in to that one. (LAUGH) I loved working with Rose. Like, separately from our relationship or us being married-- I-- I-- I think one of my fondest working relationships was with her.

Anderson Cooper: Well, didn't she shoot three arrows into you?

Kit Harington: Yeah.

Kit Harington: The scenes I almost have most fondness and-- and-- and-- and most proud of are the scene over there-- where she-- where she died, and we had that goodbye-- the scene where she shoots three arrows into me.

Anderson Cooper: (LAUGH) That's one of your fondest scenes?

Kit Harington: Yeah, yeah, yeah. (LAUGHTER) Yeah--

Anderson Cooper: "Oh, she loves me."

Kit Harington: Yeah. (LAUGHTER) But it's brilliant. It's-- it's just-- I-- that was one of my favorite love stories. It's love that can't happen.

Anderson Cooper: Right.

Kit Harington: And ends up with arrows.

The video above was edited by Will Croxton.