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Lott Slams China Satellite Deals

Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott [R-Miss.] took to the Senate floor Tuesday to give what he termed an interim report on a Senate task force investigation into possible U.S. technology transfers to China, reports CBS News Chief Washington Correspondent Bob Schieffer.
"In violation of stated U.S. policy, sensitive technology related to satellite exports has been transferred to China. We know that is the case," said Mr. Lott.

However, some key Republicans -- including Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Shelby [R-Alabama] -- were reluctant to draw such a conclusion.

"The majority leader is the leader of the Senate and he's entitled to his judgement and he might know information a lot of us don't know," said Shelby.

Democrats were not so polite.

"I think it is the most partisan attack to date by the majority leader on virtually any issue," said Tom Daschle [D-S.D.]

Mr. Lott also said investigators have turned up new information about how the Chinese tried to influence U.S. elections.

He wouldn't say what it was, but Mr. Lott called for an independent counsel to investigate. However, if reaction to today's disclosures is any indication, he may have a hard time getting that done.

Reported by Bob Schieffer
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