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Lori Arrowood Murdered: Sgt. Nathan Arrowood Home from Iraq for Funeral

Lori Arrowood Murdered: Sgt. Nathan Arrowood Home from Iraq, Devastated by Wife's Murder
Lori Arrowood and her husband, Sgt. Nathan Arrowood (Personal Photo)

SAVANNAH, Ga. (CBS/WTOC) Sgt. Nathon Arrowood has returned from Iraq, but instead of planning a welcome home party, the young man came home for the funeral of his wife, Lori, whose body was discovered Sept. 29 along a log trail in Long County, Ga., about 60 miles south of Savannah.

PICTURES: Lori Arrowood Missing

Nathon Arrowood also learned that someone he knows and who participated in the search for his wife's body is charged with her death.

Arrowood told CBS affiliate WTOC that he felt helpless when he was notified of Lori's  disappearance, because he was clear across the world and unable to help; however, he also spoke of his suspicion towards family friend and jailer with the Liberty County Sheriff's Office, Kenneth Lumpkin, who took part in the four-day search for Lori Arrowood's body.

"How could someone have the audacity? How? To face family, to face her daughter -- it's beyond me," Sgt. Arrowood said.

Micah Ward, special agent for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, said interviews with those close to Lori Arrowood pointed authorities to Lumpkin and prompted investigators to search the Arrowoods' home where they found evidence that they said linked him to her disappearance and death.

Since being taken into custody, Lumpkin has been denied bail and served with termination papers from the Liberty County Jail.

Funeral services for Lori Arrowood were to be held Tuesday morning at the Gum Branch Baptist Church.

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