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Look for a job using Facebook's new app

(MoneyWatch) When you're looking for new career opportunities, you probably turn to sites like LinkedIn, Monster and Jobvite, just to name a few. One social media site that most people don't generally associate with jobs, though, is Facebook. That might change now with a new job search app.

The Social Jobs Partnership app is the outcome of a partnership started last year between Facebook, the U.S. Department of Labor and several other agencies. The app aggregates job search results from a number of services, including BranchOut, JobVite, Work4Labs and Monster -- about 1.7 million jobs in total.

Using the page is a snap; you can enter keywords, drill into particular job categories and specify a location. There's also a checkbox to emphasize "veteran-friendly" jobs. When you find a job you like, you can navigate directly to the details of the position on the appropriate service's Facebook page, such as Monster or JobVite. From there, you can read more and apply.

I did run into some disappointing funkiness, unfortunately. Even when I specified a location -- such as within 5 miles of Santa Monica -- it still sometimes showed me jobs from around the country. Even so, it's always appreciated to see a new and convenient job search tool. Especially on a site where you're probably already spending a lot of time.

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