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Look at the set of the film "Hoosiers" then and now

(CBS News) Let's take a little trip down memory lane to the 1980's and a legendary film about high school basketball in small-town Indiana. That's right, we're talking about the movie "Hoosiers" and an interesting comparison of the present day film locations versus the past. Take a look.

The video entitled "Hoosiers" Revisited was done by YouTube user watseinfeld who writes:

Not much has changed on the set of "Hoosiers".

I would say that is a very astute observation, as so many of the locations in the over 18 minute video really do look the exact same. Sure, maybe the barber shop is a bar now and there's a few buildings where once there was only wilderness, but considering it's been well over two decades... well, it's nice to know there are places out there that still have a bit of the Norman Rockwell look and feel to them. Thanks so much for sharing this fascinating comparison with us all, watseinfeld!
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