Lohan E-Trade Lawsuit: "Milkaholic" Suit Moved to NYC

Lindsay Lohan (Getty Images)
Lindsay Lohan (Getty Images)

NEW YORK (CBS/AP) Lindsay Lohan may feel that she'll always be a Long Islander, but a judge says that's not the case for legal purposes.

The actress' lawsuit over an E-Trade talking-baby commercial has been moved from Long Island to New York City by court order. The New York City-based brokerage sought the shift and said Thursday it was pleased with the ruling.

The "Mean Girls" star claims in the suit that she was the implied target of jokes about a "milkaholic" named Lindsay in one of the brokerage's Super Bowl spots.

E-Trade calls her claims meritless.

Lohan filed the lawsuit in March in Nassau County. Her lawyer said Lohan had a basis for suing in the suburbs: She still considers her mother's Merrick house her home.

A Manhattan judge sided with E-Trade Financial Corp. on June 30.

On Tuesday, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge sentenced Lohan to 90 days jail and three months in rehab after a daylong hearing. The judge determined the star violated her probation by missing seven of her weekly alcohol education classes.

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