Little girl meets Arizona Cardinals linebacker Sam Acho, professes her love

(CBS News) One very young girl had her dream realized of getting to meet Arizona Cardinals linebacker Sam Acho recently during training camp and it is one of the most adorable encounters you will see all day. Seriously, you need to check this one out, people.

The very endearing and sweet video was posted by Brandon Carrasco who writes:

Camrynn got to meet Sam Acho today. What an amazing guy he is. He stayed after practice and signed autographs for every single kid. Sam was so nice, and Camrynn loved him!

Awwwwww... that is simply way too cute, right? She totally loves Sam Acho! And he's so darn sweet in the video, I have to admit, I think I'm starting to fall in love with him now, too. Just saying.  Major props go out to Sam Acho from all of us here at The Feed for being such a stand-up and amazing guy!