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Lillibridge catches inspire Wikipedia hackers

Brent Lillibridge is congratulated by his teammate
Brent Lillibridge (18) of the Chicago White Sox is congratulated by his teammate Gordon Beckham following his catches in the ninth inning against the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium on April 26, 2011. Getty Images/Chris Trotman

When you make two game-saving catches in the bottom of the ninth inning against the Yankees, you're bound to make headlines.

And when you're a relatively unknown outfielder whose name will likely be searched online, you're destined to get a new biography on Wikipedia.

And so it was with Brent Lillibridge, the Chicago White Sox right fielder who made back-to-back spectacular catches - robbing Alex Rodriguez and Robinson Cano of game-winning hits - in Yankee Stadium Tuesday night.

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Within hours, an Internet hacker decided it was a good time to revise Lillibridge's biography on Wikipedia. Anyone clicking on his name would have discovered some interesting facts in his "Early Life" section.

"Lillibridge was born in the deepest caves of mesopotamia," the definitive bio reads, before adding compelling tidbits about his family life (his father gave him the power of invincibility but his mother never loved him).

The section concludes: "For one thousand years he laid dormant until the white sox discovered his frozen body in the jungles of Mexico."

The ChiSox scouts clearly found a gem. Just ask the Yankees.

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