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Letterman to Robert Pattinson: "Bite Me"

Robert Pattinson won't confirm if he's dating his "Twilight" co-star, Kristen Stewart, but there's one thing he will get very candid about: biting.

The British actor made his first appearance on the "Late Show with David Letterman" Wednesday night, talking about the fans who have asked him to bare his (non-vampire) fangs.

One time, he told Letterman, someone handed a baby to the actor and asked him to bite it. Another incident happened at a recent premiere, when a 230-pound man asked Pattinson to bite him - and he did.

"The surprising thing was that I kind of liked it," the actor joked with the "Late Show" host. "I've been out to dinner with him a couple of times since."

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When asked if he enjoyed the biting, Pattinson deadpanned, "It depends on your mood, really. And it depends what you want to get out of it. There's variations of biting."

"That's not healthy, with the swine flu," Letterman warned him, eliciting laughter from the audience.

The actor says he can't explain why he elicits such a strong reaction from his female fans - "I don't know, maybe it's kind of a scent or something" - but he noted that devotion sometimes pays off. In 2007, when he was in Spain shooting the film "Little Ashes," a girl stood outside his apartment every day for about three weeks. Finally, because he was "chronically bored," he asked her out to dinner.

"I kind of complained about everything in my life for about two hours, and then she gave me the bill at the end," he said. "I had to pay for it, and then [she] was never back outside my apartment ever again."

"New Moon," the second installment in the "Twilight" franchise, opens in theaters on Friday, Nov. 20, and Entertainment Weekly is reporting that thousands of showings of the film have already sold out. But along with the film anticipation and Team Edward/Team Jacob declarations, rumors have swirled about whether Pattinson, who plays the vampire Edward Cullen in the films, is dating his co-star, Kristen Stewart.

Letterman held up a copy of the December issue of Harper's Bazaar magazine with the two stars on the cover and asked Pattinson, "You're dating her. Am I right about that?"

"I've been so, kind of, cryptically avoiding this question throughout the entire press tour," the actor responded.

When he wouldn't elaborate, Letterman joked, "Oh, bite me. What do I care?"

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