"Legend" of Colton Harris-Moore Grows

alleged teen burglar colton harris-moore
It is a real life, "Catch Me if You Can."

An 18-year-old burglar has been avoiding capture in Washington state for almost two years since escaping from a juvenile detention center.

Colton Harris-Moore had already amassed quite a rap sheet for burglaries, and police say his crime wave has not only continued, it's escalated.

So has his near folk hero-like notoriety.

Cops say they believe Harris-Moore has been hiding out in the woods north of Seattle most of the time, breaking into people's homes and leaving before the law gets there. He's also thought to have stolen boats, and even hot-wired small planes, allegedly stealing two, then crash-landing at least one before disappearing back into the forest.

As "Early Show" National Correspondent Hattie Kauffman reports, you can actually find Colton Harris-Moore T-shirts online; he has a Facebook fan club with thousands of members; and, on YouTube, there's even a Colton Harris-Moore ballad.

But, Kauffman points out, many in his hometown of Camano Island, Wash., have gotten sick and tired -- along with resentful and fearful -- of him, and just want him caught:

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