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Learn if you're up for a lousy job

(MoneyWatch) Job interviews are obviously the primary forum in which a company assesses if you're the right candidate for the job. Interviews are a two-way street, though. Not only is the hiring manager trying to sell you on the role and company, but you can use the time as a chance to ask the right questions and make sure you'll really be happy there.

Indeed, virtually all interviewers build time into the schedule for you to ask some questions, and they're looking for you to ask some smart ones that show you care about the role and understand the company. That said, you can also ask some questions that help you decide if the job is a good fit. US News and World Report recently explained how not to "get fooled" in an interview -- in other words, what questions you can ask that cut through the facade they are presenting to make everything look awesome.

On your next interview, be sure to leave some time to ask some of these questions:

Factual questions

What is the turnover rate for the position you're interviewing for?

What are the statistics on employee engagement?

Who will you be working with, and can you meet them?

Perception-based questions

What can the interviewer tell you about the corporate culture?

What are the dynamics of the team you'll be working with?

These might sound like challenging questions, but a good manager should be able to speak to most of these issues. A lot of companies perform surveys, for example, that can answer all sorts of question about corporate culture and employee engagement.

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