Lauren Conrad YouTube Tops Kohl's Online Fashion Effort

Last Updated Sep 16, 2009 8:21 PM EDT

So, what do you do if you have a television star for a celebrity designer?

If you're Kohl's you create a YouTube advertising campaign and you take advantage of your opportunities.

Kohl's has introduced a new video, part of a series, featuring Lauren Conrad, once of television's The Hills, now involved in a design career. The latest installment designated Lauren Conrad Style Tips for Fall is essentially a long commercial for the October launch -- the line already is available on the retailer's website, which also sports Conrad video -- for her new Kohl's fashion brand LC Lauren Conrad. The behind-the-scenes video features the actress-turned-designer explaining her clothes, working with models to style her clothes evens modeling the clothes herself as she hits major branding points about the line being about effortless California style and things she would buy if she wasn't making them, and making money selling them to the viewers. Along with this latest Conrad installment, YouTubers can watch companion videos including one that features the original introduction of Conrad as a Kohl's designer. They also can view a series of makeup tip clips "inspired" by Conrad. She doesn't star in them, rather others discuss her makeup style and how they can emulate it. That campaign derives from her involvement with Mark cosmetics, an Avon sister company that has Conrad on board as a spokesperson for makeup and accessories. She has a new perfume launch over on that side of her fashion career

The synergy is interesting. Once upon a time, a celebrity could only chat up one company's products at a time. In the viral universe, campaigns can link, creating a little world of their own. In this case, it's a little Lauren Conrad style planet that the companies she's working for can promote. And she can promote them right back. The Lauren Conrad Style Tips for Fall video includes references to Kohl's and the affordability of the styles it offers, helping position the store for the younger women the YouTube campaign is crafted to entice. In the her world, Conrad rules as a laid back, confident, approachable figure who you could become pals with, and who will certainly let you share her style. For an affordable price.