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Laughing Matters: The Five Funniest Media Stories of the Week

Yet another installment of the five funniest media stories of the week:

1. So, an iPhone prototype walks into a bar ... (OK, obvious line, but couldn't resist). Lots of humor all over on this story, but here's David Letterman's "Top Ten Excuses of the Guy Who Lost the iPhone Prototype." (Hat tip: AllThingsD) 2. Earlier this week, Constantin Films, makers of the movie "Downfall" which inspired the wildly popular Hitler meme, asks YouTube to pull down the parody clips, which, naturally, spawns a parody clip about ... YouTube pulling down the parody clips. (Via Andrew Sullivan.)

Hitler, as "Downfall producer" orders a DMCA takedown from Brad Templeton on Vimeo.

3. Need evidence that everyone at MSNBC is terrified of Keith Olbermann? Look no further. Watching this clip shows he may have reached the status of "he who shall not be named." (Via New York Magazine.)

4. Jon Stewart introduces the "Go F*ck Yourself" choir, which quickly dispenses with Fox News' Bernie Goldberg and, in honor of "South Park," certain cranky religious extremists. And, finally ...

5. Data from Visual Measures shows that the Nike/Tiger Woods commercial "Earl and Tiger" got 2.3 million views last week, making it the second most viral commercial this week. Except for one thing: the majority -- 60 percent -- of those views were for parodies of the original. (Via Advertising Age.)

Have a good weekend.