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Latest "Amazing Race" For All-Stars Only

The new season of "The Amazing Race" promises some of the fiercest competition yet.

Several of the most popular and controversial racers are back for an all-star "Amazing Race."

On The Early Show Tuesday, co-anchor Julie Chen took a quick look at all 11 teams set to chase each other around the world for a $1 million pot of gold.

Frat brothers Drew Feinberg and Kevin O'Connor have grown up since season one, but their drive for $1 million is stronger than ever. Expect sparks to fly between these two fiery competitors.

"We should have won the first time," O'Connor says. "We have to win this time."

Best friends Ozzy Mendez and Danny Jimenez had a big falling out after their fourth-place finish in season two. But they've since mended their relationship, and are ready for another chance to race around the world.

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Season three standouts John Vito Pietanza and Jill Aquilino are no longer romantically involved, but that's not stopping them in their journey for the top prize.

And fresh off a fourth-place finish last season, the beauty queens, Dustin Seltzer and Kandice Pelliter, are looking to charm their way around the globe once again.

Also on hand, from last season, David Conley Jr. and Mary Conley, "Team Kentucky." They're grateful for a second chance at the million dollars, and hope their big hearts and a stroke of good luck will guide them to a first-place finish.

And who can forget Joe Baldassare and Bill Bartek, "Team Guido"? Their ruthless style of play in season one paved the way for many future racers. Now the elder statesmen of the group, they plan to use their travel experience and wit to reach the finish line first.

Cousins Charla Baklayan Faddoul and Mirna Hindoyan, from season five, are out to prove that nothing will get in the way of their quest for $1 million, and they have a few tricks up their sleeve.

Married couple Uchenna and Joyce Agu, who scooped up the $1 million prize in season seven, know the other teams want them out of the race. But they've got other plans!

Says Joyce: "They all want our title and belt as champion, but we're here to keep it."

Fan favorites Teri and Ian Pollack, married parents, are still the oldest couple ever to produce a second-place finish. They're out to prove yet again that age isn't a factor in "The Amazing Race."

Eric Sanchez and Danielle Turner met while racing against each other in season seven. Now dating, they've teamed up for this all-star edition and are confident their physical strength will put them in position to win.

And what would the race be without the king and queen of reality TV, married couple Rob and Amber Mariano? They're ready to take another crack at $1 million, after coming up just short in season seven.

Rob sounds determined: "We're pretty excited to be back again to run 'The Amazing Race' all-stars. This time, we're getting first place. No more second. I'm sick of second place."

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