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Family grieves after mom dies in apparent road rage shooting

A manhunt is on for the gunman who killed a Las Vegas woman in an apparent fit of road rage
A manhunt is on for the gunman who killed a L... 04:02

Police are on the hunt for a suspected killer after the shooting death of Las Vegas mother Tammy Meyers. She was gunned down Thursday after a driving lesson with her daughter and died over the weekend. The shooter is still at large, while her family grapples with a senseless loss, reports CBS News correspondent John Blackstone.

Meyers and her teenage daughter had been practicing driving skills at a nearby school. On their way home from the lesson, a near collision with a man in another vehicle led to a verbal argument. Meyers' husband said those in the other car followed his wife and daughter home.

"He fired the shot. She's gone. And I don't have my wife," Robert Myers Sr. said.

"It's really disgusting for taking my mother's life. She didn't really deserve it," her son Robert Myers Jr. said.

Police said when the pair arrived home, they asked a family member with a gun for help. Minutes later, Meyers' husband said someone in the car pulled up and opened fire, shooting Meyers in the head, while one of her sons returned fire. Meyers was rushed to the hospital and remained in critical condition until she was taken off life support Saturday night.

"I'm sitting home relaxing. I heard that my mom got shot in the head by a dude that doesn't even care," her other son Matthew said.

Now police are looking for the suspect's car, which was caught on surveillance video. They also released a sketch of the man.

"Hug your wife. Tell them how much you love them because you get to do that. I don't," Myers Sr. said.

On her GoFundMepage, Meyers' family said they have donated her organs and are working to raise money for funeral expenses, as police continue to look for the person in connection with the shooting.

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