Lara Logan's Pick: A Relentless Enemy

One of correspondent Lara Logan's favorite pieces was also one of her most dangerous assignments

Lara Logan's Pick: A Relentless Enemy 14:00

The rockets started hitting the military base almost as soon as Lara Logan arrived. Lara was in Afghanistan in 2010 to report on the brutal fighting on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Foreign fighters stream into Afghanistan across this border, and they have only one goal: to kill American troops.

That day, Lara and producers Max McClellan and Jeff Newton were with the 101st Airborne Division at their base just inside Afghanistan, and the fighting they saw was more brutal than anything they'd seen in a decade of covering that war.

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The danger only got worse when Lara, Max, and Jeff - along with cameraman Ray Bribiesca - headed out with the U.S. troops to a local town. On the way back, they came under intense enemy fire - all of which Ray bravely caught on tape, standing outside the armored vehicles as bullets cracked all around him.

After seeing this September 2010 piece, you'll see why it's titled "A Relentless Enemy" and why Lara has nominated it for our summer series of "Correspondent Favorites."