Kunis was "down-to-earth" at ball, Marine says

Hollywood A-list actress Mila Kunis made good this past weekend on her promise to attend a Marine Corps ball in Greenville, N.C. She'd been invited to the event in June by Sgt. Scott Moore, who posted this video on YouTube from his post in Afghanistan to ask her..

The clip -- the first 'normal'-person-asks-star-to-a-dance request of its kind -- went viral, and it's now been seen nearly four million times. Other servicemen and women have since made similar requests of celebrities, such as Justin Timberlake.

Mila Kunis goes to Marine Corps Ball

Sgt. Moore, who recently returned from seven months of fighting in Afghanistan, says the star was down-to-earth and interested in what the ceremonies meant on the night of the ball.

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Moore recalled on "The Early Show" that the 28-year-old was eager to learn about everything that was going on.

"There's a lot going on," Moore said.

"Early Show" co-anchor Jeff Glor noted the event marked the founding of the Marines in 1775.

Moore explained, "Absolutely. We celebrate it every year around this time frame, November 10th, or as close as we can get all around the world, whether you're in Afghanistan, North Carolina, California, and same type of ceremony everywhere you go."

The ball is also a time for remembrance of those who have given their lives in service of their country.

Moore said he tried to prepare Kunis for that, as well. "She had a lot of questions about my uniform and what to expect as far as the ceremony," Moore said. "And I explained to her that this year was extremely important to us and memorable to us because of the seven Marines and sailors we lost during our deployment. It was very important to express that to her. ... It was a lot to take in for her, I'm sure, but I hope I did a good job."

But the ball also included some dancing. Moore said he and Kunis danced to "The Time of My Life," a song from the "Dirty Dancing" soundtrack.

Hill jokingly asked Moore if he lifted Kunis up above his head like Patrick Swayze's character lifted Jennifer Grey's character in the movie.

Moore replied, "This uniform is not as mobile as you might think!"

Moore said he and Kunis promised to keep in touch.