Kit Harington shows off the "Game of Thrones" prop collection on "60 Minutes"

As the final "Game of Thrones" season begins, Anderson Cooper and Kit Harington explore the warehouse containing a treasure trove of television artifacts

Inside the "Game of Thrones" prop warehouse

Characters, creatures and soldiers by the hundreds meet their deaths in lots of gruesome ways on "Game of Thrones," what many of them have in common is their dummy bodies wind up in a cavernous prop warehouse outside Belfast, Northern Ireland.

"It's like a nerd's paradise… and I'm a nerd," Correspondent Anderson Cooper tells his tour guide, actor Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow on the series. Cooper was allowed to handle the props and even wear one of them.  

Weapons, too, along with huge dragon skulls, the ruby-studded sword of Jon Snow, and of course, Ned Stark's head, find their way in this warehouse. For Cooper, reporter and fan, it was like being in Wonderland.

Cooper's "60 Minutes" report, in which he goes behind the scenes with "Game of Thrones" actors and executive producers to show how the series was made, will be broadcast on Sunday. April 14 at 7:00 p.m., ET/PT on CBS. The segment will include the only clip released from the opening episode of the much-anticipated eighth and final season on HBO.