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Kingsley Lauds Scorsese, DiCaprio

Sir Ben Kingsley is best known for his highly acclaimed performances in "Schindler's List," "Sexy Beast" and his Oscar-winning portrayal of "Ghandi."

Now, the versatile actor, widely considered one of the greats of all-time at his craft, is getting raves for his performance as a doctor in a hospital for the criminally insane in Martin Scorsese's new thriller, "Shutter Island."

He co-stars with Leonardo DiCaprio, who plays a federal marshal investigating a missing person case at the highly-secured institution.

Kingsley raved about Scorsese to Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith, saying it was "absolutely thrilling" to be offered the role by the iconic director, adding, "He's legendary, but … he's absolutely cutting-edge, modern in where he wants and where we all want cinema to go in the future."

Kingsley marveled at DiCaprio's performance, observing, "There is an extreme edge of something that he hits in the film sustained for quite a long time. He's a lovely man to work with."

"Hitting those (acting) targets with Mr. Scorsese watching you and Leo, of course, being so present and attentive throughout the whole filming" made making the movie enjoyable, Kingsley said.

He told Smith "Shutter Island" is "not sensationalist. You don't count the number of times the audience throw their popcorn in the air and scream. Because it's not sensationalist, it allows you into a mind that is possibly disintegrating or reintegrating itself, collapsing or reforming. It's the most exquisite examination of the human mind I've ever seen on screen, in all its beauty, in all its imagination. It is an unnerving film, but there are moments of great tenderness."

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