Kindle Not Business-Friendly Enough for You? How About PDF Support?

Been eyeballing an Amazon Kindle e-book reader, thinking it might be nice for long flights and such, but couldn't really justify it as a business expense?

Maybe this will help: The Kindle 2 now offers native support for PDF documents. This long-awaited (and long-overdue) addition comes courtesy of a firmware update, which existing Kindle 2 owners will get automatically via Amazon's Whispernet.

There are two ways to access PDFs on your Kindle. First, you can e-mail them as attachments to your Kindle address. They'll arrive in native PDF format, though you can get them converted the the Kindle format by putting Convert in the subject line. Second, you can copy PDFs over via USB, in which case they'll stay "native."

But wait, there's more.

The new update promises to improve battery life by a whopping 85 percent. Specifically, the Kindle will now run for a full seven days when wireless is turned on (or the same-as-before two weeks with wireless off).

Yo, Apple: Can I get a firmware update like that for my iPhone?

Does the PDF support (and/or battery improvement) make you any more likely to purchase a Kindle? I tend to think any business user needing to read PDFs is probably traveling with a laptop anyway. Indeed, perhaps a laptop with the new Kindle for PC software installed.

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