Kimberly Dozier: "I'd Planned To Be Further Along Than This"

Periodically, we get e-mails from viewers, wondering how wounded war reporter Kimberly Dozier is doing. Well, today she tells us:

I've spent the last few months doing physiotherapy while spending time with family in New Zealand, a country where Iraq is seldom mentioned. A blessing at a time I wasn't ready to dwell on it.

My shrapnel-shattered legs have made great progress, the doctors say. They use words like "phenomenal."

But here I am, still kicking myself — I'd mentally planned to be further along than this.

I spend 6-8 hours a week in the gym or at home with weights and a yoga mat, mostly doing things like trying to get my knees to bend. But my intention was to spend 10-15 hours a week working out.

My body did not agree. Three hours in the gym would finish me for the day… And the next day, I'd crawl out of bed with legs swollen from the effort.

Check out the rest of Kimberly's report.

It's poignant, and it's potent.