Kim Orlando: Mom On The Go!

My friend Kim dreamed of establishing a Web site with advice for moms on the go. I'm so proud of her, because she did it and she's done a great job with it. If you travel for business or work, you'll definitely want to check out her tips.

As an inspiration to many, I asked Kim to share what's important to her.

It is important to me to enjoy my family, take care of myself and help others. I believe I can do all three via travelingmom, an online magazine that I launched with the intention of making life's trips easier for moms who travel. Travelingmom's stories feature inspiring moms who travel for a variety of reasons: to volunteer, to reunite with friends, to pursue passions (sports, cooking, academics), to adopt, to bolster careers, and of course, to spend time with their families. My hope is that one traveling mom's story will inspire another mom to start planning her own. — Kim Orlando