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Kidnapped Fox News Journalists Appear In Video

(AP Photo/Ramatan News Agency)
The kidnapping in Gaza of Fox News journalists Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig entered another disturbing chapter today, when the group claiming responsibility released a videotape of Centanni and Wiig to Al Jazeera. It's a development that has seemingly already elevated the story's prominence – it's getting top billing at several news Web sites today and continuous attention on cable news.

The video appears as many (including us) have begun to wonder why this kidnapping doesn't seem to be garnering the same amount of media attention as similar events -- such as the kidnapping of Christian Science Monitor reporter Jill Carroll. Carroll's 11-part series recapping her experience is currently generating record traffic for the Monitor's Web site and is running on various other news Web sites, including (where it's one of the site's most popular stories today.)

The video's emergence makes it pretty likely that Centanni and Wiig's story will get some sort of mention on tonight's evening newscasts. In the meantime, the most comprehensive coverage is being updated constantly at TVNewser.

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