Kevin Dillon

Kevin Dillon has no real "Entourage" other than his wife and kids.
It's easy to spot the similarities between Kevin Dillon and the character he plays on "Entourage," Johnny Chase - nicknamed Drama.

Drama long has been overshadowed by his brother's stardom. So has Kevin Dillon, the younger brother of leading man Matt Dillon.

Drama, who's from Queens, has been in show business for a long time; his recurring roles in such (fictional) former TV shows as "Viking Quest" gaining him occasional (and much-appreciated) recognition from passers-by. But it is only thanks to his latest role in a hit TV series that his career has taken off.

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Dillon, who grew up in Mamaroneck, N.Y. (a 30-minute drive from Queens), has credits that go back more than two decades, including as a series regular in the "That's Life," and a memorable role as the racist, psychopathic soldier Bunny in Oliver Stone's 1986 Vietnam War movie, "Platoon" - as well as the less-memorable part as one of Jim Morrison's band members in Stone's "The Doors" five years later. But it is Dillon's role in "Entourage," the hit series on HBO, that has gained him an Emmy nomination and seen his career take off.

There are differences, though, between character and actor. Drama obsesses over the size of his ankles and whether his home is in a hip ZIP code. Dillon has different worries - he wants his character to be likeable. And his only entourage, he's said, is his wife and kids.