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Kenya refugee crisis: End ever in sight?

In August, "Early Show" co-anchor Erica Hill traveled to Kenya and visited the world's largest area for refugees, in Dadaab.

The city actually has three camps that were originally opened nearly 20 years ago to house a total of 90,000 people. These days, there are more than 450,000 refugees living there, with more than 9,000 arriving daily. Although that number is a steep drop from the average 26,000 daily arrivals in September, they -- like the others -- are seeking food and hope, and a chance at life. But can life in the camps -- especially with the burgeoning population -- be sustained much longer?

On Tuesday, Hill shared a look at the ongoing situation on Kenya's border from her August report, focusing on that question, as people continue to flee the intense drought, famine and political turmoil in Somalia.

Also, Somalia's former prime minister, Mohamed A. Mohamed, discussed the challenges he faced during his eight recent months in office. He says the root of the problem -- the lack of security from many factions, including al Qaeda-associated groups -- needs to be eliminated or the refugee crisis will continue. Click on the video above for Hill's full report and the Mohamed's entire analysis of the situation.