Kennedy ' Magic' Endures

This week at the famous Sotheby's auction house in New York, there's a most glamorous garage sale.

More than 700 pieces of Kennedy furniture, china and art from five different homes have been

, reports CBS News correspondent Trish Regan on The Early Show. So far, the sale has brought in more than $3.5 million, much of it going to charity.

"It just went out of hand and we could not bid on it any longer," laments attendee Eleanor Kistler.

"I think they went 10 to 20 times higher than what's in the book," added Bob Kistler.

According to that auction book, Jackie's monogramed napkins were expected to fetch $400-$600. Instead, they went for $7,000.

One of John Kennedy's many rocking chairs went for $96,000, 24 times the estimated value. And a painting of Caroline and John Jr., originally priced at $4,000, sold for $40,000.

Also on the block -- collections of records, magazines and books -- even Jackie's horse blankets.

The auction is a sneak peek into the private life of a famous family.

Lisa Johnson traveled all the way from Nashville for her chance to own a part of Camelot. "I'm sure my mother will be like, 'You paid what? Are you crazy?' "

Crazy enough to pay over $4,000 for one of JFK's books, which she says she's already cherishing.

The last Kennedy auction nine years ago sparked a feeding frenzy, bringing in a record $34.5 million. And while this auction isn't expected to reach that level, it does show that for many, even the mundane can be magical.