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Kendrick Meek on Gov. Crist: He "Got Out of the Kitchen When it Got Hot"


Most recent polling shows Rep. Kendrick Meek, Florida's Democratic Senate nominee, trailing behind both of his opponents, Republican candidate Marco Rubio and Independent candidate, Governor Charlie Crist.

With both Meek and Crist vying for Democratic votes, is the governor making Meek's chances against front-runner Rubio more difficult?

On Monday's Washington Unplugged, Meek spoke with CBS News Senior Political Producer Robert Hendin, who asked if he can turn around what was supposed to be a battle for Republican votes between Crist and Rubio.

"The governor is standing on a wet paper box, and I'm standing on a solid foundation of principle," Meek responded. "Making sure you can speak without blinking and without shuffling your feet on these issues... I feel very strongly that I will be that candidate that will win on November 2."

Meek also made it clear that there shouldn't be any debate between who the real Democrat is in this race.

"I think it's very, very important that everyone understands that I am the Democratic nominee, nominated by Democrats in this state," he said. "Charlie Crist walked down to the supervisor of elections' office, became a no-party affiliation candidate out of convenience versus conviction."

"He had his chance to defeat Marco Rubio. He opted to get out of the kitchen when it got hot," added Meek.

As for Rubio, Meek had this to say about what life in a "Marco Rubio world" would be like: "He's going to fix it so that insurance companies are back in charge again. That's what Marco Rubio stands for... I'm for standing with the people of Florida, and that's going to resonate before Election Day."

Yet even with prominent Democrats, from President Obama to former President Bill Clinton, already voicing their support for him, Meek told Hendin, "I can tell you [Democrats] can send more resources. That's what we need right now... The alternative is not an option."

Will Meek get those resources he needs to defeat two candidates in one of the most unique election battle in this year's midterms?

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