Katie: Rome Hartman

For so many of us at CBS News, this is a hard day. Rome Hartman, the executive producer of the Evening News, is moving on.

Rome was one of the reasons I came here to CBS. We'd known each other peripherally for years – everyone in the news business seems to know everyone else, don't they? – so I knew his reputation. And I have to say: he is truly one of the "good guys," a man of integrity, character and honor. In the TV news business, those characteristics are too often mutually exclusive. But Rome is the living embodiment of those things. He's also a guy of great intelligence, dedication and – importantly -- fun. He made all of us work harder, and shine brighter, and made us proud of what we do.

It's been such a privilege to have him by my side these last six months. He's been a wonderful partner as I've embarked on this new chapter in my life. I'm so grateful for his indefatigability and perseverance. And it's not surprising to me that he has handled his departure with typical grace, classiness and humor.

He's earned my unwavering and enduring respect, affection, and love.

And you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone at CBS News who doesn't feel the same way.