Katie Couric's Notebook: Voting Machines

This Election Day could be another nail biter. Not just because of a potentially tight race, but because of something that was supposed to be fixed by now: outdated and often unreliable voting machines.

Ever since the debacle in Florida eight years ago, we've heard promises to end this embarrassment. While things have been improved, glitches are still being reported. From new machines for the disabled that freeze up in New York to software problems that hamper vote counting in that battleground state of Ohio.

Particularly worrisome: any problem that arises could be magnified because so many first-time voters are expected this year.

We'll make a decision on Nov. 4 that will determine the course our country takes over the next four years. We need to have confidence that the system we use is accurate and reliable.

There are enough controversies in this campaign. How we vote shouldn't be one of them.