Katie Couric's Notebook: Tony Snow And Cancer

Hi everyone.

Another prominent figure is fighting cancer - again: White House Press Secretary Tony Snow.

Two years ago, Tony was diagnosed with colon cancer. He was vigilant about being tested; the disease killed his mother when she was just 38. But when cancer spreads to another organ, like the liver… it can be tough.

There are many new therapies that can keep cancer in check, and sometimes it can be resected, or taken out...and the liver can actually regenerate. This case, and Elizabeth Edwards', are painful reminders that cancer is an epidemic in this country.

In the war on cancer, the foot soldiers are scientists working round the clock to come up with better therapies...and the ten million Americans living with it every day. We'll be taking a hard look at cancer over the next two nights on the Evening News...with more than one in three Americans diagnosed over their lifetimes, this is a series you can't afford to miss.

That's a page from my notebook.