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Katie Couric's Notebook: Tea Parties

Katie's off today. I'm Maggie Rodriguez.

It was a major catalyst for our independence from Britain: the tea party in Boston harbor 235 years ago. And it seems Americans have been grumbling about their paying taxes ever since ... just not quite like this.

A grassroots campaign that started in Seattle just two months ago has spread across the internet at cyber-speed. The result: hundreds of rallies in all 50 states today. These tea parties -- an acronym for Taxed Enough Already -- gave taxpayers a chance to voice their outrage over what they see as out of control government spending with so much of their money handed out in the stimulus package.

On this final day to file our tax returns, the cry is not "taxation without representation" -- but like in that first tea party in Boston, many Americans today are fed up. They want politicians to hear them and they want to send a message to bailed out companies that the party's over.

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