Katie Couric's Notebook: Reform Bill

A nineteenth century American poet named James Russell Lowell once wrote, "Compromise makes a good umbrella, but a poor roof."
If that pithy quote proves true, the health care reform bill headed for the Senate floor is about to get all wet.
Senator Harry Reid made the decision to advance a bill including a public option - well sort of.  It would create a government plan to serve as competition for private insurance companies - but it allows states to opt out.
The very existence of the option in the bill makes it a tough sell.  No Republicans will support it. Neither will Independent Senator Joe Lieberman, and even some moderate Democrats are now on the fence.
But if there is a public plan at all, experts say it will be more effective in negotiating lower prices if it's truly national.
Without the 60 votes necessary to block a filibuster, this bill may end up on the ground - like a broken umbrella after a storm.
That's a page from my notebook.
I'm Katie Couric, CBS News