Katie Couric's Notebook: Obama's Dilemma

It's not the best anniversary present this president could have asked for…a political smack down in the bay state.

Scott Brown: Next GOP Superstar?

Perhaps the administration should have sensed that the nation's summer of discontent would spill into fall and winter.

That the economy doesn't seem to be improving and spending seems out of control.

Healthcare reform is desperately needed…we spend more than any other country and our outcomes are worse.

Fifteen percent of our population has no insurance. It's not apocalyptic to say healthcare costs could bankrupt the country if nothing is done.

But no one truly understands what this legislation entails and there are legitimate concerns about how and if it will curb costs.

We need to revisit this debate…the problems and the solutions. Everyone needs to understand that reforming healthcare will require some tough medicine.

But the changes should be ones most Americans can swallow. Even some require holding their noses in the process.

That's a page from my notebook,

I'm Katie Couric, CBS News.