Katie Couric's Notebook: Laws Of Science

The saints might go marching into New Orleans, but the scientists are marching right on out. A group of more than two thousand biologists have decided NOT to hold their 2011 annual meeting in the Big Easy.

The reason? Louisiana has a law that allows teachers to use supplemental materials in science class - things other than the state approved curriculum. Republican-up-and-comer Bobby Jindal signed it last summer after it passed the state legislature with overwhelming support.

The scientific community says the law is nothing more than a free pass for the teaching of creationism, and that religion has no place in a biology class.

The Times Picayune reports that Governor Jindal has not responded to the letter from the scientists.

Either way, they've already moved on - to Utah - where they say the laws protect science.

Salt Lake City is more progressive than New Orleans? Now there's a clear argument - that evolution exists.