Katie Couric's Notebook: Jobs

At Sam's Club, everything is big. A box of 48 Snickers Bar...a seven pound can of nacho cheese sauce.

But today the discount club is doing a little downsizing, slashing more than 11,000 jobs. Since President Obama's Inauguration nearly two million more people have joined the ranks of the unemployed...and public debt has grown by nearly two trillion dollars.

Tea Party leaders are tapping into simmering resentment. People wonder why all that spending hasn't brought jobs back...and some wonder if bigger is better when it comes to government.

@katiecouric: Tea Party Leaders

A USA Today survey of 50 top economists found President Obama's stimulus package actually saved jobs - that unemployment would have been higher without it. But two thirds of them agreed - it's now time to do more to create new jobs.

When Americans are struggling to pay their mortgages it's hard to understand the importance of universal health care. It's clear that in a bad economy, they won't buy change in bulk.

That's a page from my notebook.

I'm Katie Couric, CBS News.