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Katie Couric's Notebook: Gay Marriage

Katie's on assignment. I'm Kelly Wallace.

Add a fourth state to the list of places where it will be legal to marry someone of the same sex.

After Vermont's governor vetoed a bill allowing gay marriage, lawmakers voted today to override him.

Iowa will begin marrying same sex couples later this month. It's already allowed in Massachusetts and Connecticut ... and more states could soon follow.

This raises the stakes in what's been a bitter fight. Twenty-nine states have constitutional amendments that limit marriage to a man and a woman.

So, as more gay couples tie the knot and then move someplace where their marriage is not valid, their cases will begin tying up the courts. It may take years, but the Supreme Court will eventually have to rule with one side or the other.

We saw the passion from supporters and opponents when California voters rejected gay marriage last fall. That may be just a taste of a debate that is still to come.

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