Katie Couric's Notebook: Ed McMahon

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For 30 years, Ed McMahon was the lovable, chuckling sidekick to Johnny Carson. Now I won't do "Here's Johnny" for you. Nobody could do it quite like Ed.

He was the straight man to Carson's comedy, but he occasionally got in a zinger of his own.

One night during a Carnac skit, Johnny asked for absolute silence. Ed's response? "It's been like that all evening."

The dynamic duo first worked together in 1957 on the set of the game show "Who Do You Trust?" By the time Johnny got his own big show the answer was clear - he trusted Ed.

Whether it was on The Tonight Show, Star Search or the Jerry Lewis Telethon, Ed McMahon was like a favorite uncle - the kind that gives you a hug and a dollar every time he sees you.

While he died today at the age of 86, he'll live on in pop culture history.

As he resumes his seat next to Johnny's desk. Good night, Ed and thanks for the memories.

That's a page from my notebook.

I'm Katie Couric, CBS News.