Katie Couric's Notebook: Bin Laden Returns

If the past eight years were an opera, Osama bin Laden would have played the arch-nemesis, coloring every aria President Bush performed. And now, as the president sings his swan song, Bin Laden has purportedly surfaced again.

His audiotaped message was specifically about Gaza, a call to jihad against Israel. But the subtext requires little translation, he's still around.

Last night, Larry King asked the president if we were ever close to capturing bin Laden.

President Bush answered honestly, "I don't know."

Bin Laden's current relevance is a subject of debate for terrorism experts, but symbolically he remains the enemy.

In a movie sequel it's usually the protagonist who returns to fight a new foe, but President-elect Obama may also have to confront bin Laden. While Mr. Bush and Mr. Obama have different storylines in mind, they share a vision for the ending: curtains for the bad guy.