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Katie Couric spoofs news report in "Funny Or Die" exclusive

In a "Funny or Die" exclusive video, Katie Couric spoofs an investigation into the children's song "Shake Your Sillies Out."

The song is exposed as an ineffective treatment that might even be the cause of exactly what it purports to remedy - a bad case of the sillies.

A hard-lined interview with the kids on their questionable methods - including clapping the crazies out - has Couric asking "what if I told you those things don't work?"

A pregnant pause.

"What are you talking about?" One boy yells.

Being a good sport, Couric decides she needs to try the song out for herself.

She quickly learns she's no match for its infectiousness and is promptly sent to timeout.

Also, find out what Mike Farah and Jake Szymansky of "Funny or Die" have to say about Couric's comedic abilities. Did she nail it?

And, to watch Couric's full-length interview about the website's popularity, proving comedy is serious business, click here.

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