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Kate Gosselin To Dance to Her Own Drama

Kate Gosselin can bring drama to the playground or the dance floor.

The "Dancing with the Stars" contestant and former "Jon & Kate Plus 8" reality TV mom and her "DWTS" partner will tell her "dramatic" story next week with a "Jon and Kate" themed dance.

"It's my story over the past two years," Gosselin told Entertainment Tonight. "We're very, very excited."

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On the live results show Tuesday, which saw Shannen Doherty get voted off, "DWTS" judges told the contestants their next dance must tell a story. And does Gosselin, coming off a tabloid-fueled divorce from her reality show mate, have a story to tell.

There has been no shortage of drama for Gosselin on "DWTS" either.

The TV personality, whose scores were among the lowest of the season so far, said she almost threw up as she waited to hear the results Tuesday night.

"I don't think I breathed for 10 minutes, and I don't think that's humanly possible," she told ET after the show. "I also thought I was going to throw up at the end. My gosh, that is just pure torture, is it not?"

During the taped rehearsal segment before their performance on Monday, Gosselin brought her "DWTS" partner, Tony Dovolani, to his boiling point.

"Nothing in dancing is natural to Kate," Dovolani said to the camera. "I've never been questioned in my teaching. I quit." He stormed out while Kate looked at the camera and repeatedly said, "I don't get it."

Dovolani came back to apologize and she accepted, saying "A lot of people quit on me in life."

For their performance the pair danced to Elton John's "I'm Still Standing." After the show, the dancing duo addressed their rocky rehearsal.

According to ET, Dovolani addressed his poor choice of words, saying, "I don't like speaking when I'm upset because I don't ever want to bring back words that I don't mean and 'I quit' I guess was one of them."

Gosselin, who insists that she isn't a dancer, also told E! Online that although she forgot her steps, she was happy that she didn't fall.

"It was a tough 30 seconds and they showed every second of it," Gosselin said. "It's fine, I don't mind the reality of it and the reality is, it's very tough."

Gosselin's divorce was finalized in December, ending her 10-year marriage to Jon with whom she has eight children (a set of twins and sextuplets). Their supposed happily married life was played out on TLC'S reality TV show, "Jon and Kate Plus 8."

Jon allegedly cheated on Kate with Hailey Glassman who is the daughter of Kate's doctor. Jon's behavior dramatically changed after the spilt and his partying made headlines.

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