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Kanye West's antics put new album, Tidal in jeopardy

Kanye West's latest creative baby is suffering from some serious labor pains. And while the resulting chaos has been entertaining for observers on social media, it can't be very good for West's bottom line -- or streaming service Tidal's.

After previewing his new album, "The Life of Pablo," at his Fashion Week Event at Madison Square Garden and then on "Saturday Night Live" last week, West proudly announced that it would be available to stream exclusively on Tidal and purchase for download off his personal website.

But when downloads for the beleaguered streaming service skyrocketed, he quickly pulled the album from his site, making Tidal the only place to hear it. But then he announced via Twitter that the Tidal version was an unfinished preview and he was still tinkering with the official, final version of the product.

He then announced that "The Life of Pablo" would be available for purchase on Apple Music after its exclusive week on Tidal, prompting a slew of preorders. But then he changed his mind again, tweeting Monday evening, "My album will never never never be on Apple. And it will never be for sale... You can only get it on Tidal."

Confusion over the release of "The Life of Pablo" aside, West has at least been doing wonders for Twitter's web traffic, offering up plenty of diatribes on the social media site. Shortly after his last tirade about not being properly supported by tech industry and billionaire fans, West offered up, "People wanted me to tweet again. Well here's some tweets." And he did not disappoint, starting off with a shot fired squarely at the mainstream music review establishment.

West ended that section of his Twitter rant with and exhortation of others to "shut the f**k up and enjoy the greatness," insisting that "only God can judge me." Of course, if his new album continues to be not officially available, that might end up being true.

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