Kansas City cops help a young officer in the making

Normally when the law shows up, no one's laughing -- especially when they're checking on the welfare of a 3-year-old.

But Hannah Pasley isn't a normal 3-year old. Just ask the officers and deputies in Kansas City, Missouri. She already knows what she wants to be when she grows up.

Hannah asked her parents if she could set up a lemonade stand to raise the $40 she needed for her first police uniform. Then her mom had an idea.


Hannah Pasley

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"It would be really neat if we could have an officer stop by," Hannah's mom said.

An APB was put out on the modern-day call box: social media.

"She loves police officers and I would love it if someone could come and buy lemonade from her," they posted on Facebook.

"After the first officer arrived, then it was 50 officers," she recalled.


Hannah Pasley meets a police officer.

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Soon the neighborhood was flooded with police cruisers, a police chopper and even police horses.

"Those were the patrol horses came and they just ate our grass," Pasley said.

So Hannah is all set for her future career. Sgt. Jason Cote agrees.

"She will have thousands of brothers or sisters who will have her back for life," Cote said.

But that's for later. For now, she's focused on something even better.

"I think we are best friends," Pasley said while jumping on a trampoline with a cop. "I think we are," he laughed. The best playdate a girl could ask for.


Hannah Pasley hugs a Kansas City police officer.

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